Chortlon Picture House
Chorlton CLT
Status Feasibility 
Budget Undisclosed

This project was initiated by Chorlton CLT in a bid to buy a prominent local landmark in the centre of town to avoid the land being developed into soulless retirement flats. The building has an unusual history, built in the early 1920s as a cinema, it’s tiered seats are currently occupied by the coffins of Co-op Funeralcare. The original neo-baroque facade was wrapped in a brick skin in the midst of minimal ‘60s modernism.

Our research sought to provocate local residents and reveal the potential of the structure hidden within. The clay model evokes the current fragility of the existing structures fate, whilst new elements are added to signify its return to public life - a balcony overlooking the street and a large opulent roof light above the new community hall. The project was part of a funding campaign which raised £350k.