By 2050, all our homes need to be net carbon zero.  The ‘Decarbonise Your House Now!’ exhibition explains ways to reduce the environmental impact of our homes and explores the creative architectural potential of how it might be done. It is the culmination of a year-long research project funded by the Royal Institute of British Architects. The exhibition is on display in our studio, you are more than welcome to come and have a look or download the exhibition guide below.

We’ve made a print on demand book of all the research available for those who prefer a hardcopy here
or you can download it online for free here.



We celebrated our 3rd birthday with friends, clients and supporters with a few beers and a delicious cake. We want to say a big thank you to everyone that came down to party. An even bigger thanks goes to all the lovely people that have supported us over what has been a pretty eventful, but brilliant first three years. Here’s to the next three!


Decarbonise Your House Now! Exhibition Opening Night 2021
Photography by Alex Macdougall©


DEC 2020

With permission to open after lockdown, we made a swift open call to Manchester creatives and were delighted to sell the work of 20 local makers in an effort to support the creative networks around us as part of a sustainable Christmas shop. It featured jugs made from clay reclaimed from the skip, wooden vases turned from fallen branches in the park and candles made from Peak District bees.

It was a true delight in the midst of this storm. 100% of the money went to the makers. 

Photography by Alex Macdougall©


SEP - OCT 2020


An exhibition of 10 architecture students’ sustainable revival of a high street.

Our Masters studio at The University of Sheffield explored the opportunity to rebuild one of the most vacant high streets in the UK. Rejecting demolition and landfill in favour of inventive and sustainable reuse, the student’s projects intricately weave through the existing townscape proposing dramatic adaptations and promoting a sustainable rebuilding from this point of stasis.

A series of finely crafted paper tapestries made collectively as an expression of the town's unique character to understand the essence of a place were on display. With the idea of making something from nothing, pieces of newspaper are meticulously reprocessed and inscribed with local histories, landmarks and stories of the town, impressing value through their careful making.

This show is a culmination of a year' worth of research undertaken by our MArch studio at Sheffield School of Architecture.  Click the link to view the exhibition booklet online.

Photography by Alex Macdougall©

JAN-AUG 2020

In towns and cities across the UK, developments are barged through under resourced planning departments and hastily erected in a frenzy of overseas investment, gargantuan concrete frames and questionable cladding, whilst buildings of historical note and architectural character are routinely raised to the ground.

Old Buildings, New Life brings together six practices from the north of England and mainland Europe to challenge this tabula rasa approach. The proposals speculate on how existing buildings can be repurposed, their activity intensified and a richer, more resourceful townscape can prevail. Editional Studio welcomes some of the most exciting young architects from across Europe to broaden our perspectives and enliven the debate. 

‘We want to instill the idea of collaboration and cooperation between young practices, especially those working outside the norms of London, in an effort to raise our profiles collectively.

We also would like to continue wider conversations with our European friends in an effort to resist the narrowing of views which dominate the trajectory of British politics. Since moving to the north of England we have found a wonderful enthusiasm for architecture and design but comparatively little dialogue. To counter this, we will host a series of talks and workshops alongside the exhibition to provide forum for these conversations to happen.

There is currently a huge momentum behind finding more sustainable ways of living. How and what this means is open to question. We would like to use this as an opportunity to propose alternative ways of building from the cheap, short-sighted, developer-led constructions which pervade our towns and cities. The exhibition will act as a means to promote thoughtfully designed, socially and environmentally conscious proposals and as such, we’d like to invite you to exhibit your work.

Extract from a letter to exhibitors.  January 2020

OCT - DEC 2019

This show brought together the finely crafted furniture of Adam Willis and striated hand woven textiles designed by Ines Li-Wearing. The pieces evoke a care and continuation of using traditional skills in furniture and textile design into a contemporary form.


JULY - SEPT 2019

‘This Friday will see the launch of an architecture and design studio on Beech Road in Chorlton. Editional Studio will operate out of a shop space that is also the first project designed by the pair of young architects.

Having worked for highly acclaimed practices in Manchester and London, Jo Sharples and Jack Richards have established the studio to design buildings, furniture, exhibitions and installations. Across all scales, the practice works with a consideration for the precious use of material things. Through an ever-changing display of work-in-progress, they will look to open up discussions around design and the potential it has to positively influence the way we live.

The space will also play host to a programme of exhibitions showcasing the work of emerging designers. A series of limited edition prototypes are made in short batch productions for sale in the shop. The exhibitions aim to bring an appreciation for the way things are made and emphasise the value of design. The inaugural show will feature work from textiles artist Freja Burgess and ceramicist Oli Brenner.’

Press extract, July 2019

Photography by Zora Kuettner©

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