Editional Studio is an architecture practice and design shop in Chorlton, Manchester. The studio celebrates carefully crafted design that acknowledges the social and environmental context in which it is created. There is an ambition across every scale to create enjoyable work of use and longevity.


The shop plays host to a programme of exhibitions showcasing the work of emerging designers. A series of limited edition prototypes are made in short batch productions, for sale in the shop. The shop is not run for profit but supports the designer by allowing them a larger cut of the sales. The products are carefully selected for their prudent, beautiful and unexpected material use, with the overall ambition to encourage a dialogue between interior design and architecture.


Our architecture studio is open to the street and our working processes on display for all to view. It is important for us to work with different groups of people, on a diversity of projects, so we welcome the chance encounters that come with shopkeeping. These interactions broaden our worldview, engage the wider community in discussions about the value of design in our everyday lives and allows the variety of projects we work on to continue.

We have a range of experience working from large scale housing developments and public institutions, through to smaller domestic interiors, furniture and temporary installations. We draw our ideas from the specificities of a site, thoughtful use of materials and the wider culture of architecture and design. Our projects begin with conversation and are developed through drawings , models and collaboration to create joyful, celebratory spaces. We take time and work with care and consideration in the belief that to be truly sustainable our designs should be built to last.

Editional Studio is run by architects Jo Sharples and Jack Richards.

Photography by Zora Kuettner©